"Mirror Of Ink"

I look into this mirror of ink and see a soul that has no beauty in itself, but is silvery-white in the light of

Your Grace that covers me and makes me new.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lessons Learned in 2007

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Life is a learning experience. The more you live, the more you learn. Here is a summary of what I learned in 2007...

1. Being 9 months pregnant sucks.
2. Doctors and nurses aren't always right- sometimes you have to just believe yourself.
3. Having a child makes you realize how totally unimportant you are.
4. God truly can change ANYONE's life.
5. Prayer works.
6. Travling with an infant by yourself is not easy- especially when you get stuck on the runway for an hour.
7. I never want to be a single parent. Ever.
8. Eating at home is WAY cheaper than eating out all the time.
9. Kids are EXPENSIVE. I only want one.
10. When I feel the least able, God is the strongest in my life.
11. Be slow to offend and quick to defend.
12. Creativity gets rusty when not used.
13. Having a sick child is way worse than being sick yourself.
14. I have a calling to write and I should be using it.
15. Babies grow up way too fast.
16. The people that you love hurt you the most.
17. Change takes time, but it's worth the wait.
18. If I always put myself last, I have nothing left to give.
19. When you put pressure on yourself to do it right every time, you'll always be dissapointed.
20. I have the greatest husband. EVER.
21. I love being in ministry, even though it's got to be the hardest job in the world.
22. Open doors don't always mean you should walk through them.
23. God is faithful, always.

So that's my 2007 in a nutshell. It was an amazing year, full of more ups than downs and more blessings than trials. I am so thankful for an awesome God that gives me grace to make it through each day, and I am so excited for another year to walk in His love and plan for my life.

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