"Mirror Of Ink"

I look into this mirror of ink and see a soul that has no beauty in itself, but is silvery-white in the light of

Your Grace that covers me and makes me new.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Thursday, July 05, 2007

I am one of those people who tries to conquer the world in 24 hours. And when I realize I can't do everything, I get frustrated and sit back and do nothing. Why must I be so extreme???
I would have to say that in the past year I have used the word "overwhelmed" to describe how I felt more than I ever have in my life. I hate feeling overwhelmed. But sadly, I think it's a feeling I place on myself, rather than something that just takes me over due to circumstances beyond my control.

I was watching a grasshopper this morning. And an ant. And a beetle. I sat on my porch and remembered what it was like when I was a kid and was facinated with all things smaller than me. I would run around and pick up every rollie pollie I could find. I would pick the dandelions in the yard. I would play with my dollhouse and color in my coloring book. I didn't care about cleaning house or doing dishes, washing clothes or making money. I cared about the things I could handle- the things that were my size.

Now that I've gotten older I've gotten this crazy idea that I can and should do everything- whether it's "my size" or not. I take on projects bigger than what I can handle. I feel guilty for not doing everything when I should be worried about simply doing "something". Why do we do that? Is it because the bigger we get the more we feel we can handle? Just because we're adults we should be able to tackle any problem or project that comes our way? That mentality has left me drained, tired, frustrated, and yes, OVERWHELMED.

So why can't I get back to the little things that really matter? Enjoying time with family and friends, helping a neighbor in need, teaching the kids in my church to love Jesus passionately, and taking time each day to talk to my Father in heaven. God doesn't require us to do everything. All He requires is that we are willing to do whatever He asks, and He promises it will never be more than what we can handle with His help. We make life so complicated when it's really as simple as a child gathering dandelions:
Pick up what you can handle instead of taking on the world- and the weeds in this life will slowly fade away.

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